Past Course

•  Tue/Thu 09:30-10:45,    Bldg.56 Rm.105,    Slides to be available here if needed after the class.
•  Tue or Wed 18:30-19:45,    Bldg.56 Rm.105    (TA sessions, starting in Week 04)
•  This course aims to help students with basic understandings in freshmen physics and mathematics
to appreciate important concepts and connections in classical mechanics.

Week 01/02.   The start of the semester pushed to the week of Mar. 16 -- hereby denoted as Week 03
Week 03-1.   Course Introduction + Typos found in Thornton & Marion, 5th Ed. (pdf)
Week 03-2.   Newtonian Mechanics--Single Particle
Week 04-1.   Newtonian Mechanics--Single Particle
Week 04-2.   Oscillations + 1st Homework (pdf) + Solution (pdf)
Week 05-1.   Oscillations
Week 05-2.   Oscillations
Week 06-1.   Nonlinear Oscillations and Chaos
Week 06-2.   Nonlinear Oscillations and Chaos
Week 07-1.   Nonlinear Oscillations and Chaos
Week 07-2.   Gravitation + 2nd Homework (pdf) + Solution (pdf)
Week 08-1.   Gravitation + Midterm Exam Logistics
Week 08-2.   Gravitation + Special Topics
Week 09-1.   Gravitation + Special Topics
Week 09-3.   Midterm Exam (pdf) + Solution (pdf)   / May 2 (Sat) 19:30-21:00 (via Zoom)
Week 10-2.   Methods in the Calculus of Variations + Term Project Paper How-To
Week 11-1.   Methods in the Calculus of Variations
Week 11-2.   Methods in the Calculus of Variations + 3rd Homework (pdf) + Solution (pdf)
Week 12-1.   Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics + Term Project Presentation How-To
Week 12-2.   Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics
Week 13-1.   Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics
Week 13-2.   Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics
Week 14-1.   Central-Force Motion + 4th Homework (pdf) + Solution (pdf)
Week 14-2.   Central-Force Motion
Week 15-1.   Central-Force Motion + Special Topics + Term Project Slides (all slides) + Vote (link)
Week 15-2.   Central-Force Motion + Special Topics + Final Exam Logistics
Week 16-1.   Course Conclusion + Term Project Presentations (slides) + Evaluation Form (link)
Week 16-3.   Final Exam (pdf) + Solution (pdf)   / Jun. 20 (Sat) 19:30-21:00 (56-105 & 106 & 321)

•  Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we will utilize SNU's eTL system in three ways below:

(1) Class announcements: Please check your email regularly, and the course page on eTL.
(2) Online lectures: Please make sure to first log in to eTL, then access the Zoom online lecture link
via the Mechanics 1 course page. This is to let the eTL system check your attendance automatically.
Please visit for more information about Zoom+eTL.
(3) Assignment submissions: Be ready to submit your homework and quiz through the assignment
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