Ongoing Course

Tue/Thu 14:00-15:15,    Bldg.28 Rm.103,    Slides available after each class
This course aims to help students with a strong physics background
to dive into and appreciate various topics in modern astrophysics and cosmology.

Week 01-1.   Course Introduction (slides)
Week 01-2.   Gravity: Binary Systems (slides)
Week 02-1.   Scales and Timeline of the Universe (slides)
Week 02-2.   Gravity: Tidal Force (slides)
Week 03-1.   Gravity: Many-body & Galactic Dynamics (slides)
Week 03-2.   Gravity: Many-body & Galactic Dynamics (II) + 1st Midterm How-To (slides)
Week 04-2.   Gravity: Orbital Motion and Dark Matter (slides)
Week 05-1.   Gravity: Structure Formation in the Universe (slides)
Week 05-2.   Lights: Luminosity and Redshift (slides)
Week 07-1.   Lights: Decoding Spectra (slides)
Week 07-2.   Lights: Optics (slides)
Week 08-1.   Lights: Optics (II) + 2nd Miterm How-To (slides)
Week 09-1.   Lights: Radiative Transfer (slides)