Department of Physics & Astronomy
Choi, MooYoungProfessor
Office : 56-511 , +82-2-880-6615 (Theory Group for Emergence and Complexity)


  • · 1979 서울대학교 물리학과 (이학사)
  • · 1981 서울대학교 대학원 (이학석사)
  • · 1984 미국 스탠포드대학교 (이학박사)


  • · 1985-1986 미국 오하이오주립대학교 연구원
  • · 1985-1986 미국 로스알라모스 국립연구소 협동연구원
  • · 2013-2018 서울대학교 이론물리학연구소장
  • · 1987-현재 서울대학교 물리천문학부 교수
  • · 1987-현재 서울대학교 과학사 및 과학철학 협동과정 겸무교수
  • · 1987-현재 서울대학교 계산과학 협동과정 겸무교수

Research Interests

Our group is devoted to researches on emergence and complexity in complex systems, which include biological and social systems as well as conventional matter. Specific topics studied so far include superconducting systems, electron systems, water, granular systems, complex networks, coupled oscillators, neural networks and brain, insulin secretion and glucose regulation, autophagy, human motion and sleep, transportation networks and passenger flow, opinion formation, urban morphology, finance and stock returns, etc. Furthermore, we attempt to build an integrated discipline by expanding the scope of science to humanities including culture.

Selected Publications in the last 5 years

  1. I.-R. Choi, J.W. Kim, and M.Y. Choi, "Emergence of complexity in poetry: `Soleils couchants' by Verlaine", Palgrave Comm. 5, 82 (2019).
  2. K. Lee, J.S. Park, S. Goh, and M.Y. Choi, "Accessibility measurement in transportation networks and application to the Seoul bus system", Geograph. Anal. 51, 339 (2019).
  3. B.S. Choi and M.Y. Choi, "General solution of the Black-Scholes boundary-value problem”, Physica A 509, 546 (2018).
  4. H.I. Zhang and M.Y. Choi, "Generalized formulation of free energy and application to photosynthesis”, Physica A 493, 125 (2018).
  5. C. Kim, D.S. Kim, Y. Lin, K. Ahn, and M.Y. Choi, "Dynamics of analyst forecasts and emergence of complexity: role of information disparity”, PLoS ONE 12, e0177071 (2017).
  6. M.W. Cho and M.Y. Choi, "Origin of the spike-timing-dependent plasticity rule”, Europhys. Lett. 115, 38001 (2016).