Department of Physics & Astronomy
Hong, SeunghunProfessor
Office : 56-311 , +82-2-880-1343
Lab. : +82-2-874-5562 (Hybrid Nano-Device & Nano-Assembly Lab.)


  • · 1998 Ph.D. in Physics, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN
  • · 1997 M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN
  • · 1992 M.S. in Physics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  • · 1990 B.S. in Physics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


  • · 2003- Present Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  • · 2001-2003 Assistant Professor, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
  • · 2000-2001 Research Professor, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
  • · 1998-2000 Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Research Interests

We combine nanostructures (carbon nanotubes, graphene, etc.) with biostructures (protein, DNA, etc.)
to build new hybrid nano-biostructures and study their exotic properties.
Furthermore, we utilize the hybrid nano-biostructures to develop a new advanced functional devices.
Examples of our research topics include a ‘bioelectronics nose’ which can imitate the responses of a human nose
and a ‘noise microscopy’ which allows one to map the microscopic properties (mobility, noise source density, etc.)
of nanostructured materials.

Selected Publications in the last 5 years

  1. "Photoconductive noise microscopy revealing quantitative effect of localized electronic traps on the perovskite-based solar cell performance”, Duckhyung Cho, Taehyun Hwang, Dong-guk Cho, Byungwoo Park, Seunghun Hong, Nano Energy 43, 29-36(2018)
  2. "Nanoscale Mapping of Molecular Vibrational Modes via Vibrational Noise Spectroscopy”, Duckhyoung Cho, Shashank Shekhar, Hyungwoo Lee, and Seunghun Hong, Nano Letters 18(2), 1001-1009(2018)
  3. "Nanodisc-Based Bioelectronic Nose Using Olfactory Receptor Produced in Escherichia coli for the Assessment of the Death-Associated Odor Cadaverine”, Heehong Yang, Daesan Kim, Jeongsu Kim, Dongseok Moon, Hyun Seok Song, Minju Lee, Seunghun Hong, Tai Hyun Park, ACS Nano 11(12), 11847–11855 (2017)
  4. "Discrimination of Umami Tastants Using Floating Electrode-Based Bioelectronic Tongue Mimicking Insect Taste Systems”, Minju Lee, Je Won Jung, Daesan Kim, Young-Joon Ahn,, Seunghun Hong, Hyung Wook Kwon, ACS Nano 9(12), 11728-11736 (2015)
  5. "Reusable Floating-Electrode Sensor for the Quantitative Electrophysiological Monitoring of a Nonadherent Cell”, Ta Van Tao, Juhun Park, Eunjin Park, and Seunghun Hong, ACS Nano 8 , 2206 (2014).