Department of Physics & Astronomy
Char, KookrinProfessor
Office : 56-326 , +82-2-880-6263
Lab. : +82-2-880-2238


  • · 1989 Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Stanford University
  • · 1984 M.S. in Physics. University of California, Los Angeles
  • · 1982 B.S. in Physics, Seoul National University


  • · 1998-present Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Seoul Natonal University
  • · 1997-1998 Senior Member of Technical Staff, Conductus, Inc.
  • · 1995-1997 Manager of Research Group, Conductus, Inc.
  • · 1993-1995 Manager of Device Technology Group, Conductus, Inc.
  • · 1989-1993 Member of Technical Staff, Conductus, Inc.

Research Interests

  Since our discovery of high mobility in perovskite oxide BaSnO3, we have been working on various heterostructures based on BaSnO3 oxide semiconductor. In particular we are focused on the 2DEG state at the interface of BaSnO3/LaInO3. These 2DEG state can be used in high power device application but also for probing a new quantum state at low temperature due to its high carrier density. We are currently working on improvement of mobility at low temperatures for such measurrement.

We are also investigating related materials such as high-k dielectric materials and ultrawide bandgap oxide semiconductors.

Selected Publications in the last 5 years

  1. "LaInO3/BaSnO3 polar interface on MgO substrates”, APL Mater. 6, 096104 (2018).
  2. "High-k perovskite gate oxide BaHfO3”, APL Mater. 5, 016104 (2017).
  3. "Conducting interface states at LaInO3/BaSnO3 polar interface controlled by Fermi level”, APL Mater. 4, 071102 (2016).
  4. "All-perovskite transparent high mobility field effect using epitaxial BaSnO3 and LaInO3”, APL Mater. 3, 036101 (2015).