Department of Physics & Astronomy
Yi, Gyu-ChulProfessor
Office : 56-435 , +82-2-880-2651
Lab. : +82-2-877-2651 (Laboratory for Semiconductor Nanomaterials and Nanodevices )


  • · 1997 Ph.D. in Physics, Northwestern University
  • · 1992 M.S. in Physics, Seoul National University
  • · 1990 B.S. in Physics, Seoul National University


  • · 2011 – Present Professor, Seoul National University
  • · 2009 – 2011 Associate Professor, Seoul National University
  • · 1999-2009 Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, POSTECH
  • · 1997-1999 Post-doctoral Researcher, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

Research Interests

Preparation of high quality one-dimensional and two-dimensional nanomaterials

Artificial nanostructures based on epitaxial growth of high quality semiconductor thin films and nanostructures on 2-dimensional layered materials

Structural, optical, electrical properties of semiconductor nanomaterials

Fabrications of flexible optoelectronic (e.g. LEDs and solar cells) and electronic (e.g. transistors) devices and biological and medical sensors (e.g. pressure sensors and neuronal signal probes)

Selected Publications in the last 5 years

  1. Free-standing and ultrathin inorganic light-emitting diode array, Y Tchoe, K Chung, K Lee, J Jo, K Chung, JK Hyun, M Kim, GC Yi, NPG Asia Materials 11 (1), 37 (2019).
  2. GaN microstructure light-emitting diodes directly fabricated on tungsten-metal electrodes using a micro-patterned graphene interlayer, K Chung, K Lee, Y Tchoe, H Oh, JB Park, JK Hyun, GC Yi, Nano Energy 60, 82-86 (2019).
  3. Atomic and electronic reconstruction at the van der Waals interface in twisted bilayer graphene, H Yoo, R Engelke, S Carr, S Fang, K Zhang, P Cazeaux, SH Sung, Nature Materials 18 (5), 448 (2019).
  4. Vertical ZnO Nanotube Transistor on a Graphene Film for Flexible Inorganic Electronics, H Oh, JB Park, W Choi, H Kim, Y Tchoe, A Agrawal, GC Yi, Small 14 (17), 1800240 (2018).
  5. Flexible GaN light‐emitting diodes using GaN microdisks epitaxial laterally overgrown on graphene dots, K Chung, H Yoo, JK Hyun, H Oh, Y Tchoe, K Lee, H Baek, M Kim, GC Yi, Advanced Materials 28 (35), 7688-7694 (2016).