Department of Physics & Astronomy

[Jehyun Kim, Jonginn Yun, Wonjin Jang and Prof. Dohun Kim] Approaching Ideal Visibility in Singlet-Triplet Qubit Operations Using Energy-Selective Tunneling-Based Hamiltonian Estimation

July 21, 2022l Hit 991

We report energy-selective tunneling readout-based Hamiltonian parameter estimation of a two-electron spin qubit in a GaAs quantum dot array. Optimization of readout fidelity enables a single-shot measurement time of 16 μs on average, with adaptive initialization and efficient qubit frequency estimation based on realtime Bayesian inference. For qubit operation in a frequency heralded mode, we observe a 40-fold increase in coherence time without resorting to dynamic nuclear polarization. We also demonstrate active frequency feedback with quantum oscillation visibility, single-shot measurement fidelity, and gate fidelity of 97.7%, 99%, and 99.6%, respectively, showcasing the improvements in the overall capabilities of GaAs-based spin qubits. By pushing the sensitivity of the energy-selective tunneling-based spin to charge conversion to the limit, the technique is useful for advanced quantum control protocols such as error mitigation schemes, where fast qubit parameter calibration with a large signal-to-noise ratio is crucial.