Department of Physics & Astronomy

[Quantum Gas Lab.] Universal Early Coarsening of Quenched Bose Gases

April 7, 2022l Hit 333

We investigate the early coarsening dynamics of an atomic Bose gas quenched into a superfluid phase. Using a two-step quench protocol, we independently control the two cooling rates during and after passing through the critical region, respectively, and measure the number of quantum vortices spontaneously created in the system. The latter cooling rate regulates the temperature during the condensate growth, consequently controlling the early coarsening dynamics in the defect formation. We find that the defect number shows a scaling behavior with the latter cooling rate regardless of the initial cooling rate, indicating universal coarsening dynamics in the early stage of condensate growth. Our results demonstrate that early coarsening not only reduces the defect density, but also affects its scaling with the quench rate, which is beyond the Kibble-Zurek mechanism.