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[Sungjoon Park, Yoonseok Hwang, Hong Chul Choi/ Prof. Bohm-Jung Yang] Topological acoustic triple point | Nature Communications

November 24, 2021l Hit 202

Acoustic phonon is a classic example of triple degeneracy point in band structure. This triple point always appears in phonon spectrum because of the Nambu–Goldstone theorem. Here, we show that this triple point can carry a topological charge q that is a property of three-band systems with space-time-inversion symmetry. The charge q can equivalently be characterized by the skyrmion number of the longitudinal mode, or by the Euler number of the transverse modes. We call triple points with nontrivial q the topological acoustic triple point (TATP). TATP can also appear at high-symmetry momenta in phonon and spinless electron spectrums when Oh or Th groups protect it. The charge q constrains the nodal structure and wavefunction texture around TATP, and can induce anomalous thermal transport of phonons and orbital Hall effect of electrons. Gapless points protected by the Nambu–Goldstone theorem form a new platform to study the topology of band degeneracies.


Authors: Sungjoon Park*, Yoonseok Hwang*, Hong Chul Choi, Bohm-Jung Yang


Publication date: 22 November 2021

Link: Topological acoustic triple point | Nature Communications