Department of Physics & Astronomy

[Wonjin Jang, Min-Kyun Cho / Prof. Dohun Kim] Single-Shot Readout of a Driven Hybrid Qubit in a GaAs Double Quantum Dot

June 15, 2021l Hit 620

We report a single-shot-based projective readout of a semiconductor hybrid qubit formed by three electrons in a GaAs double quantum dot. Voltage-controlled adiabatic transitions between the qubit operations and readout conditions allow high-fidelity mapping of quantum states. We show that a large ratio both in relaxation time vs tunneling time (≈50) and singlet–triplet splitting vs thermal energy (≈20) allows energy-selective tunneling-based spin-to-charge conversion with a readout visibility of ≈92.6%. Combined with ac driving, we demonstrate high visibility coherent Rabi and Ramsey oscillations of a hybrid qubit in GaAs. Further, we discuss the generality of the method for use in other materials, including silicon.