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[Changhee Lee, Prof. Hongki Min] Emergent Anisotropic Non-Fermi Liquid at a Topological Phase Transition in Three Dimensions (PRL)

May 15, 2019l Hit 191

Understanding correlation effects in topological phases and their transitions is a cutting-edge area of research in recent condensed matter physics. We study topological quantum phase transitions (TQPTs) between double-Weyl semimetals (DWSMs) and insulators, and argue that a novel class of quantum criticality appears at the TQPT characterized by emergent anisotropic non-Fermi liquid behaviors, in which the interplay between the Coulomb interaction and electronic critical modes induces not only anisotropic renormalization of the Coulomb interaction but also strongly correlated electronic excitation in three spatial dimensions. Using the standard renormalization group methods, large Nf theory and the ε=4-d method with fermion flavor number Nf and spatial dimension d, we obtain the anomalous dimensions of electrons (ηf=0.366/Nf) in large Nf theory and the associated anisotropic scaling relations of various physical observables. Our results may be observed in candidate materials for DWSMs such as HgCr2Se4 or SrSi2 when the system undergoes a TQPT.

Authors: SangEun Han (제1 저자, 카이스트), Changhee Lee (제 1저자, 서울대), Eun-Gook Moon (교신, 카이스트), Hongki Min (교신, 서울대)
Title: Emergent anisotropic non-Fermi liquid at a topological phase transition in three dimensions
Journal: Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 187601 (2019)
Publication date: 10 May 2019