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[Kunook Chung, Keundong Lee, ,Prof. Gyu-Chul] GaN microstructure light-emitting diodes directly fabricated on tungsten-metal electrodes using a micro-patterned graphene interlayer

May 1, 2019l Hit 424

We report on the selective-area growth of GaN microstructures on tungsten (W)-metal electrodes using a micro-patterned graphene intermediate layer between GaN and W, and demonstrate their use as light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Prior to the GaN growths, the cm-scale graphene layer was transferred on W and then further patterned into a regular array of few-μm-sized graphene microdots using conventional lithography. The graphene microdots served as a seed layer for selectively growing crack-free GaN microstructures with regular diameter and spacing. Each microstructure displayed a microdisk morphology, exhibiting a single crystalline phase from epitaxial lateral overgrowth (ELOG). We observed ohmic behavior between the as-grown GaN microdisks and underlying W film, facilitating the fabrication of LED microarrays. Using the underlying W layer as an ohmic contact, we fabricated p-n junction GaN microdisk LEDs, consisting of three periods of InxGa1xN/GaN multiple quantum wells. Uniform electroluminescence was observed across the microdisks. These results open up novel strategies for streamlined fabrication of high-performance and high-resolution LEDs.

Authors: Kunook Chung a, Keundong Lee b, Youngbin Tchoe b, Hongseok Oh b, JunBeom Park b, Jerome K. Hyun c, Gyu-Chul

Journal: Nano Energy, Volume 60, Pages 82-86 (June 2019)

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