Department of Physics & Astronomy

[Dr. Keehoon Kang / Heebeom Ahn / Prof. Takhee Lee] High-Performance Solution-Processed Organo-Halide Perovskite Unipolar Resistive Memory Devices in a Cross-Bar Array Structure ((Advanced Materials)

April 16, 2019l Hit 203

Resistive random access memories can potentially open a niche area in memory technology applications by combining the advantages of a long endurance of dynamic random-access memory and a long retention time of flash memories. Recently, resistive memory devices based on organo-halide perovskite materials have demonstrated outstanding memory properties, such as a low-voltage operation and a high ON/OFF ratio; such properties are essential requirements for low-power consumption in developing practical memory devices. In this study, we employed a non-halide lead source to deposit perovskite films via a simple single-step spin-coating for fabricating unipolar resistive memory devices in a cross-bar array architecture. Our unipolar perovskite memory devices achieved a high ON/OFF ratio up to 108 with a relatively low operation voltage, a large endurance, and long retention times. A high-yield device fabrication based on solution-process demonstrated here will be a step towards achieving low-cost and high-density practical perovskite memory devices.


Authors : Keehoon Kang*, Heebeom Ahn, Younggul Song, Woocheol Lee, Junwoo Kim, Youngrok Kim, Daekyoung Yoo and Takhee Lee*

DOI: 10.1002/adma.201804841

Published online: April 01, 2019