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[Micro&Nano Opto-Electronics Lab/ Prof. Heonsu Jeon, Myungjae Lee] Taming of random lasers (Nature Photonics)

April 11, 2019l Hit 272

Taming of random lasers /
Random lasers are fascinating devices due to the absence of a conventional cavity structure and their counterintuitive lasing mechanism. However, they are also notorious for their unpredictability. Despite their many unusual properties, random lasers are unlikely to achieve the ubiquitous acceptance of conventional lasers unless the underlying lasing mechanisms are thoroughly understood and their exotic properties are appropriately regulated. Lately, we have experimentally proven that photonic band-tail eigenstates, manifestations of photonic Anderson localization, are responsible for random lasing in a compositionally disordered photonic crystal platform. Herein, we demonstrate that the process of governing the band-tail states offers a unique opportunity to finally regulate random lasers.

이명재 (서울대); Ségolène Callard, Christian Seassal (Ecole Centrale de Lyon); 전헌수 (서울대)

Nature Photonics (doi:10.1038/s41566-019-0407-5) 
Online publication : 2019.4.9.