Department of Physics & Astronomy

Mapping the universe for the study of cosmology and structure formation

August 26, 2022l Hit 434
Date : November 9, 2022 16:00 ~
Speaker : 황호성 (서울대학교 물리천문학부)
Professor : Prof. Dohun Kim, Prof. Sunghoon Jung
Location : 56동105호 +온라인 중계 (코로나 방역 상황에 따라 변동 가능)
Measurement of the matter distribution in the universe is one of the key components in observational cosmology. This provides an important test of structure formation scenarios and cosmological models. I will briefly review the history of galaxy redshift surveys, and discuss the results from statistical comparisons of large-scale structures between observations and cosmological simulations. I will also introduce our new redshift survey for complete 3D mapping of the local accelerating universe.