Department of Physics & Astronomy

Single-electron flying qubit

February 18, 2022l Hit 925
Date : May 4, 2022 16:00 ~
Speaker : 배명호 (KRISS 양자측정센터)
Professor : Prof. Dohun Kim, Prof. Sunghoon Jung
Location : 온라인
Development of on-demand single electron source and coherent manipulation of single electrons are crucial for electron (fermion) quantum optics and quantum information processing in a solid-state system at a single-electron level. Because electrons easily interact with electromagnetic environments contrary to photons, the fermion optics can provide feasible methods in manipulations of energy of emitted electrons and coupling between electrons and environments. In my talk, I will introduce various single-electron sources and recent developments in quantum optics and flying qubits with single electrons, including related our works.