Department of Physics & Astronomy

Emergent holographic spacetimes from quantum information

August 30, 2021l Hit 336
Date : October 27, 2021 16:00 ~
Speaker : Tadashi Takayanagi (교토대학교/유가와 이론연구소)
Professor : Prof. Bohm Jung Yang, Prof. Dohun Kim
Location : 온라인

Recently, a new interpretation of gravitational spacetime in terms of quantum entanglement has been obtained. The idea of holography in string theory provides a simple geometric computation of entanglement entropy. This generalizes the well-known Bekenstein-Hawking formula of black hole entropy and strongly suggests that a gravitationalspacetime consists of many bits of quantum entanglement. Also a new progress on black hole information problem has been made recently by applying this idea. I will explain these developments in this colloquium.