Department of Physics & Astronomy

우리은하의 성간물질과 별탄생 (Interstellar Medium and Star Formation in our Galaxy)

August 8, 2023l Hit 520
Date : November 29, 2023 16:00 ~
Speaker : 이정은 (서울대학교 물리천문학부)
Professor : Prof. Dohun Kim, Prof. Sunghoon Jung, Prof. Yongjoo Baek
Location : 56동105호
The space between stars is filled with interstellar medium (ISM), a blend of dust and gas. The ISM is the cradle for stars and planets, with stars emerging through the gravitational collapse of dense molecular clouds and planets coalescing within the rotating disks surrounding nascent stars. Within our Milky Way, the processes of star and planet formation and their subsequent evolution significantly influence the ISM's physical and chemical conditions. Thanks to strides in astrochemistry, molecules have become important diagnostic tools, enabling the exploration of the physical and chemical structures within the ISM. The great sensitivity, high angular resolution, and wide frequency coverage of telescopes like ALMA have provided unprecedented views of stellar and planet nurseries. JWST has further enabled us to probe the composition of ices on interstellar and planet-forming scales, facilitating studies of the linked chemistry of exoplanetary atmospheres and protoplanetary disks. In this presentation, I will delve into the star and planet formation process within the ISM of our Galaxy, using diverse observations acquired through ground and space telescopes.