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[Dr. Myungjae Lee, Prof. Heonsu Jeon] The paper “Taming of random lasers” chosen for the cover page of the July 2019 issue of Nature Photonics

July 2, 2019l Hit 595

The research paper “Taming of random lasers” by Prof. Heonsu Jeon’s group, published online in the last April, now appears in the cover of the July 2019 issue of Nature Photonics, along with the following introductory remarks: Random lasers are notorious for their unpredictability and uncontrollability. Now, it’s been shown that a disordered two-dimensional photonic crystal can bring control over random lasing modes. The approach using an InP-based multiple-quantum-well epilayer enables precision control over the laser properties.


Nature Photonics 13, 445-448 (2019)

[The cover image of the July 2019 issue of Nature Photonics, conceptually depicting random lasing actions in a two-dimensional photonic crystal alloy structure]