Department of Physics & Astronomy

[mnelab / Dr. Seungjun Chung, Dr. Kyungjune, Prof. Takhee Lee] Recent Progress in Inkjet‐Printed Thin‐Film Transistors (Advanced Science)

March 21, 2019l Hit 413

Drop-on-demand inkjet printing is one of the most attractive techniques from a manufacturing perspective due to the possibility of fabrication from a digital layout at ambient conditions, thus leading to great opportunities for the realization of low-cost and flexible thin-film devices. Over the past decades, a variety of inkjet-printed applications including thin-film transistors (TFTs), radio-frequency identification devices, sensors, and displays have been explored. In particular, many research groups have made great efforts to realize high-performance TFTs, for application as potential driving components of ubiquitous wearable electronics. Although there are still challenges to enable the commercialization of printed TFTs beyond laboratory-scale applications, the field of printed TFTs still attracts significant attention, with remarkable developments in soluble materials and printing methodology. Here, recent progress in printing-based TFTs is presented from materials to applications. Significant efforts to improve the electrical performance and device-yield of printed TFTs to match those of counterparts fabricated using conventional deposition or photolithography methods are highlighted. Moreover, emerging low-dimension printable semiconductors, including carbon nanotubes and transition metal dichalcogenides as well as mature semiconductors, and new-concept printed switching devices, are also discussed.

Authors: Seungjun Chung(
서울대, 현재 KIST)*, Kyungjune Cho(서울대), Takhee Lee(서울대)*


Advanced Science

DOI: 10.1002/advs.201801445

Published online: March 20, 2019