Department of Physics & Astronomy

Topological superconductivity at the helical edge states

February 28, 2020l Hit 560
Date : October 21, 2020 16:00 ~
Speaker : 전상준 (중앙대학교 물리학과)
Professor : Prof. Bohm Jung Yang, Prof. Dohun Kim
Location : 온라인

Localized Majorana zero modes (MZMs) are non-Abelian quasiparticles that emerge at the ends of one-dimensional topological superconductors. MZMs are promised to be a building block of fault-tolerant quantum computation. To date, a variety of condensed matter systems is proposed and studied to engineer topological superconductivity and MZMs. This talk will introduce the concepts of topological superconductor and MZMs, and how to use MZMs as fault-tolerant quantum computation. More specifically, I will review the recent experimental and theoretical progress in the study of MZMs at the edge of the bismuth bilayer platform and discuss how to engineer a new platform to host MZMs.




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