Course Description This course will cover the basic principles and theoretical structures of quantum mechanics, which are requisite for understanding modern physics. Topics will include classical mechanics and its limitation, the birth of wave mechanics and the uncertainty principle, the basic assumptions of quantum mechanics, Schrӧdinger equation, one-dimensional problem, and mathematical methods (operator and matrix representation). The courses Mechanics1 (300.211)/Mechanics : Short Course(300.209C) and Electricity and Magnetism (300.214)/ Electromagnetism : Short Course (3342.002A) are requisite.

 "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics" by David J. Griffiths
"Introductory Quantum Mechanics" by Richard L. Liboff
"Modern Quantum Mechanics" by J. J. Sakurai

 Class Hours & Class Room
 Tue, Thu 12:30~13:45 ; 56-106

 Teaching Assistants

Quantum Physics 1 2012-1