Hyunseok Jeong 정현석 교수, 서울대학교 물리천문학부

Ph.D., Queen's University Belfast, December 2003 (Thesis)

Professor, Dept. Physics and Astronomy
Director, Center for Macroscopic Quantum Control

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Seoul National University
599 Gwanagno, Gwanak-gu
Seoul, 151-742, Korea

Telephone: +82 2 880 2635
Email: jeongh[[at]]snu.ac.kr / h.jeong37[[at]]gmail.com

Welcome to my home page. I'm a physicist interested in exploring the mysteries of the quantum world.
I lead the Quantum Information and Quantum Optics Group in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Seoul National University
and a National Creative Research Initiative Center (Center for Macroscopic Quantum Control) launched in 2010.
Since 2008, I have taught general physics, electrodynamics, quantum physics, advanced optics (undergraduate), and quantum optics and quantum information (graduate) at SNU.

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