Galaxy Formation with Self-consistently Modeled Stars and Massive Black Holes

  Ji-hoon Kim [Home], John H. Wise, Marcelo A. Alvarez, and Tom Abel  (arXiv:1106.4007)

1. Parameters and Documentations

  - A 9.2e11 Ms galactc halo identified at z=3 in a cosmological LCDM simulation, Evolved for 350 Myrs
  - Radiative cooling, 6-species chemistry, molecular cloud (MC) formation and feedback at the finest resolution of 15.2 pc
  - Massive black hole (MBH) accretion and feedback: radiative (3D ray tracing coupled with hydro) and mechanical (bipolar jets resolved in AMR)
  - For details, see the abstract or my ApJ Paper (high-resolution).

2. Three Dimensional Rendering of Particles: Low Resolution Stage to Identify A ~1e12 Msun Galactic Halo
  Movie (16 comoving Mpc volume):

  - z>3, ~120 pc resolution, LSS background
  - visualization courtesy of Ralf Kaehler

3. Face-on Gas Density Projection: High Resolution Stage with MBH Accretion and Feedback
  Movie (40 physical kpc volume):

  - z<3, 350 Myrs, 15.2 pc resolution
  - movie sequence generated with YT

4. Schematic Descriptions of Molecular Cloud Feedback and Massive Black Hole Feedback

  See sections 2.4-2.5 (MC),
  and sections 2.6-2.8 (MBH)
  in my paper, for details

5. Selected Plots and Pictures (Click to see the high-resolution images)
  (1)   The initial condition of the simulation at z=3
  showing the target halo of 9.2e11 Msun

  (2)   The face-on views of the gas disks
  sliced through the MBHs (white dots)
  comparing the temperature at z=2.75
  (left: no MBH Fbck / right: with MBH Fbck)

  (3)   Joint probability distribution functions
  for the central 200 kpc sphere at z=2.75
  (left: no MBH Fbck / right: with MBH Fbck)

  (4)   Stellar density profiles in the 20 kpc sphere
  centered on the MBH at z=2.75
  (red: no MBH Fbck / green: with MBH Fbck)

  (5)   The distribution of newly-formed stars, i.e.
  molecular cloud particles of age < 10 Myr,
  colored with particle mass at z=2.75

  (6)   Black hole mass accretion history
  (red: no MBH Fbck / green: with MBH Fbck)
  (top: mass / bottom: mass accretion rate)

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